Football pitch TILEA


TILEA offers a range of standardised turn-key pitches for football and multi-sport. The standardisation and scaling enable us to achieve much better economy and much faster installation.

We are able to lay a sports field on flat terrain within days. Thanks to the advanced materials we are using, building permission is usually not required.

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Fotbalové nafukovacie haly GLUXOR


We have 25-year experience with production of state-of-the-art air domes (inflatable halls) of any size and purpose.

We guarantee best quality, latest technologies upgraded every year and lowest prices on the market.

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Modular systems Tilea


TILEA offers wide range of modular systems for sports, such as:
SUB-BASE SYSTEM serving as base-layer for football pitches and other sports pitches played on artificial grass, HARD TILES for hockey played on rollerblades, MODULAR FLOORINGS for tennis and TILE SYSTEMS for floorball.

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E Panel

E Panel The E Panel is last generation of modular subbase systems primarily intended for artificial turf, although it can be used as a subbase under other surfaces. E Panel serves several purposes: -it replaces [...]

Permanent vs inflatable dome

Permanent vs inflatable dome? Are you building a sports field and you do not know whether to cover it by an inflatable or permanent (assembled) dome? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of these solutions. [...]

Why Modular Systems

Why Modular Systems In recent years, sports surfaces have been undergoing a revolution. Large-area rolls and cast surfaces are being slowly abandoned at the expense of modular systems. Modular systems are essentially jigsaw puzzles. They [...]

High Quality, Low Price? It is Possible.

High Quality, Low Price? It is Possible. How is it possible that our standardised COLIBRI and FALCON sports pitches are so much cheaper than any other solution? Often, we encounter distrust of clients who fear [...]

Natural or Artificial Turf?

Natural or Artificial Turf? Do you hesitate whether to use a natural or artificial turf for your sports field? Here are some advantages and disadvantages of the two systems. Natural lawn: used on large, professional [...]